Hello 2019

Part one

I’m not the resolution sort and yet January seems to have brought with it a desire to drink more water and less wine; to get down to the part of my DFA (Doctor of Fine Arts) project that frightens me most and to be more faithful to this place (it being over four years since my last post). I don’t really want to be held to any of these – except perhaps the one about getting down to the scary bit of the doctorate – but I plan to have a go at each.

My first reflection of 2019 is that I think I should perhaps question the name of this virtual writing place/space: sunshinescot.com. It may have been apt when I was a Scottish person living in Florida but only the Scot part holds true on a snowy afternoon in Wisconsin. It has to be said, however, that one person’s minus-six-celsius-icebox is a non-human animal’s sunny-sunny-day; a large flat coated retriever called Hamish is currently slapping his paw on the kitchen door in the hope that I’ll let him out to play, again. I have tried to remind him that the white, fluffy stuff he loves so much will likely continue to thickly carpet the garden until at least the end of April. He is, however, unappeased. His whimpering has now grown to a bark, which is my cue to stop typing and don hat, scarf, gloves and boots. Again.

Part two

snow 4
Master of all (the snow) he surveys.


snow 5
The snow dance.


snow 1.jpeg
Our rascal of a rescue, Fergus, is only too happy to join in the winter fun.

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I write with, but not always about, multiple sclerosis.

One thought on “Hello 2019

  1. Love this!
    And by the way… concerning the name of your virtual writing space…”Scot” =yes! And “Sunshine”= your SUNNY personality!!! A Must Keep!
    The photos are soooo funny!
    Let’s FaceTime this week!? Miss U! 💖

    Sent from my iPad

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