Step Inside MS photographs

I was at Hamilton Town House library today to take some photographs of the letters on display. I was excited to go back because after the launch the exhibition was moved to a busier area of the library. I know I’m biased, but I think it looks great.     I also had the chance to meetContinue reading “Step Inside MS photographs”

Step Inside MS Launch at 6pm on April 17th

Please come along to the Step Inside MS exhibition launch at 6pm tonight at the Townhouse Library in Hamilton. There will be a display of 32 letters written by folks with MS from Scotland, England, Wales, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and America. These letters describe the experience of being diagnosed with MS and are definitely worth readingContinue reading “Step Inside MS Launch at 6pm on April 17th”

Step Inside MS

Please come along to the launch of the Step Inside MS exhibition at 6pm on Thursday 17th April at Hamilton Town House Library. The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and to help others understand what it’s like to be diagnosed with MS. The launch will be an opportunity toContinue reading “Step Inside MS”

Step Inside MS Exhibition

I spent yesterday morning at the Town House Library in Hamilton preparing display boards for the Step Inside MS exhibition. The exhibition is due to run from April 14th until May 19th in Hamilton and will then tour other libraries in South Lanarkshire. From May 14th until May 31st, a parallel exhibition will run in theContinue reading “Step Inside MS Exhibition”

One week to go!

I’d firstly like to express my gratitude to those of you who have written to me about the way in which you were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve had 22 letters and I’m truly grateful. If there are others of you out there still thinking about writing a letter, please do! I’d love to hearContinue reading “One week to go!”

Please get involved in my MS letter writing project. :-)

Tasha says, ‘I’m not getting up until you write a letter.’ I’m doing an editing and publishing project for my MLitt in creative writing and I’m looking for volunteers. Please write me a letter telling me about your MS diagnosis and a little about yourself (up to 800 words) and send it to .Continue reading “Please get involved in my MS letter writing project. :-)”

Call for letters!

I’d really appreciate your help! I’m studying for an MLitt in Creative Writing and as part of my course I need to do an editing and publishing project. I’d like to base my project on the way in which people find out they have Multiple Sclerosis – how the news is broken. Personally, I was firstContinue reading “Call for letters!”

Walking on Fire

After such a long blogging pause, it seems that the best approach is to dive back in by writing posts about incidents and events from the last year. I can’t promise that these will be in chronological order, which may cause something of a problem for my OCD-inclined brain. The first thing that comes toContinue reading “Walking on Fire”