A Letter A Day… Nicky

It’s week four and today I have the privilege of posting Nicky’s letter. It begins, “Here’s the thing: in September 2010 I decided I had a brain tumour” and ends, “Cheers and let’s kick this disease in the butt, yeah?” Click on the link below to read Nicky’s powerful story of her MS diagnosis.

Nicky’s letter

Published by sunshinescot

I write with, but not always about, multiple sclerosis.

4 thoughts on “A Letter A Day… Nicky

  1. Thanks for sharing my letter Gillian – and sorry about the f-bombs – oops! They make me sound a little crass, and I really am nice – I promise! I’ve been reading lots of the letters – they are really good to read – love this project.

      1. As long as they won’t offend your readers, Gillian, leave them in. It’s really how I felt at the time. Thanks again. Such a privilege to be part of this project.

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