Illness: A Narrative in Four Parts, Part Two

My four-part hybrid essay is a piece of memoir that explores my experience of being diagnosed with, and living with, multiple sclerosis. In part two: I’m moved from the emergency receiving unit to the skin ward (because there’s a bed in the skin ward); I have to break bad news to loved ones; I spend my first night in a hospital bed; and, in an attempt not to have to spend a second night, I make a bad decision.

With many thanks to @the_polyphony for serialising my essay.


Published by sunshinescot

I write with, but not always about, multiple sclerosis.

One thought on “Illness: A Narrative in Four Parts, Part Two

  1. Gillian, you are an amazingly, talented writer!
    The way the prose is artistically placed on each page, strategically utilizing the white space, adds to the incredibly emotional journey you shared throughout your narrative. Thank you for giving readers a rare glimpse inside of Multiple Sclerosis. Your courage and strength is beyond words. Sending you a huge black Sharpie; PATIENT’S.

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