Illness: A Narrative in Four Parts, Parts Three and Four

I’m very grateful to The Polyphony for serialising my essay on being diagnosed and living with multiple sclerosis. I much prefer writing fiction, but over the last three years I’ve had to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and write four non-fiction essays as part of my doctoral project on the relationship between object and illness. Illness: A Narrative in Four Parts was the first of these essays. I hope it provides something of a context for my project and for the fiction I write.

If you’re interested in reading more of the essay, here are links to parts three and four.

Many thanks to @the_polyphony for serialising my essay and to the wonderful staff and students of @UofGWriting for the encouragement and support I’ve received.


Published by sunshinescot

I write with, but not always about, multiple sclerosis.

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